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Sticky back cable tie mounts 1000 pack

Sticky back cable tie mounts 1000 pack

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Meter Depots sticky backs are a 4-way mount cable tie mount and include a self-adhesive base.. They are used to secure cabling in a variety of applications including electrical and communication cables in switchboards.

Also known as cable mounts or tie mounts, these are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Each stickyback comes with a strong but easy-to-peel 3M foam backed self-adhesive.

Coming in a pack of 1000 sticky backs to ensure more time between restocking.

How to apply a stickybacks

  • Ensure you have a clean surface free from moisture, dust or dirt as this will compromise the strength of the adhesive backing
  • When you are ready to apply, peel the 3M backing sticker away from the adhesive base, exposing the adhesive surface
  • Firmly apply the stickyback to the surface in the desired position.
  • The stickyback is immediately ready for you to use, thread your cable tie through the horizontal or vertical opening and secure your cabling tightly.

For added adhesion, we recommend applying a bead of silicone to one side of the sticky back.

For a high quantity of cables, we recommend mechanically securing the sticky back using a screw through 1 or both eyelets highlighted in the pictures below.

Paired with our compatible zip ties these sticky backs are a solid solution for securing cabling.

Maximum cable tie width: 4.7mm

Length/width: 19mm x 19mm

Height: 7mm

Colour: Black

Quantity: 1000

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