What to do on the quiet days

What to do on the quiet days

Some days just don't go to plan on the worksite. The days rained out, it's UTC after UTC,  every jobs a knockback. Don't despair, heres what you can do if you have a quiet day or 2.

Clear out your backlog of old meters

Usually as a meter tech you are responsible for returning your old meters to either your depot or to the asset owner. It's particularly tempting when you are based from home to just pile the old meters in a corner for a rainy (or quiet) day. So if you find yourself knocking off at midday consider clearing up some space and sending those old meters back, and don't forget the asbestos meters as well!

Do a van/ute tidy up.

When you've had a busy run it can be hard to keep on top of your work vehicle. Removed meters and empty cardboard boxes start to pile up real quick. On a short day, give it a refresh, pull everything out, sort and reorganise things. Can you make the layout of your ute/van work better for you? Can you get some boxes or caddies that will keep things more under control? Are you carrying something that isn't a requirement but is taking up space? As your vehicle is often your office/warehouse/lunch room, thinking this through can pay big dividends.

If it looks quiet for the next few days, reach out to your team

Get on the front foot and chat with your supervisor/scheduling team, it may just be a matter of more jobs coming through, or their may be some jobs available with a little bit of travel.

Get on top of paperwork...or skip to the next tip 

Take the time for yourself

If you've had some good months, appreciate the short days by spending some time with friends and family, hit the gym or play Xbox. When your days go big again you'll appreciate getting some down time.

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