How to stay on top of long days as a meter tech

How to stay on top of long days as a meter tech

Being a tech can be so rewarding and a lot of this comes from the work/life balance this industry provides.

Sometimes you can have some big days, so here are some tips I find to keep on top of the big days when every job is a go-er and theirs not a UTC in sight.

Call your supervisor
If you think you'll have a massive day, give your supervisor a call, have a chat and see if they can find some cover for your jobs. You never know, another tech in the area could be having a disaster of a day jumping from UTC to UTC and be glad to take a few of your jobs, but without the phone call you just won't know.

Take 10

You've been going non-stop since first thing this morning and haven't had a break, you still have plenty of jobs for the day and you don't want to give them up easy. Between jobs think about grabbing a coffee and having a quiet moment for 10 minutes. Try avoid the phone. Just like a powernap when you're on the road for a long distance, this will refresh and reboot you for at least a little bit.

Take a bit more time on the jobs you have left

Try avoid rushing, slow it down, ensure you don't miss anything On the paperwork side, don't forget those pics and most importantly ensure those readings and NMI's are correct.

Your goal is to make sure you leave the site safe for the customer and get home safe to your family.

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