Asbestos stickers, not just for meter techs

Asbestos stickers, not just for meter techs

As a meter technician, its easy to fall in the habit of just slapping the asbestos sticker on the panel and not thinking twice. But often theirs a few other steps involved.

When you are working on a site with asbestos ensure you are following all the correct procedures. Is the asbestos friable and can you safely proceed? Is it damaged? 

Be aware that asbestos isn't necessarily just located in the meterbox. It can be in fuses, pits and within products like electrical meters. So if you unsure get in touch with your field supervisor. 

Importantly, not everyone is aware of asbestos within the meterbox/switchboard. Owners and other trades may not be able to identify it, so this one small action could save someone down the line being exposed by unknowingly working with the nasty stuff without the correct precautions. 

My biggest tip, even if you knock back the job, for the sake of the next person that's working in the switchboard, please fit an asbestos sticker.

With our Meter Depot asbestos stickers found here being some of the best value and quality on the market, theirs simply no excuse not to.


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